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Mar-Tech Utility Locating

Ground disturbance (excavation) of any kind can potentially cause damage to underground utilities. This can result in injuries, delays and of course unexpected costs. There are preventative measures that can be taken to mitigate this including doing a BC1 call, reviewing as-builts, doing a survey and even hand digging. One of the safest methods for uncovering underground utilities is by using multi-directional locating technology where a transmitter is used to identify and pinpoint both the location and depth of bury of aunderground utilities and then by daylighting/potholing using hydroexcavation to expose the utilities safely.

Mar-Tech uses Radiodetection utility locators which are reliable, tough and designed to meet the demands of our clients.

Utility locating is the process of identifying and marking sub-surface utilities such as communications, electrical, gas, sewer, water and more. When utility location is done with a lateral launch camera, we’re able to see and identify defects and other features of the lateral with our camera then utilize the built-in sonde to transmit a signal that’s readable on the surface, allowing us to mark the ground to identify what’s under it.

Reducing Damage, Improving Safety

Locating underground services by using a cable and pipe locator before excavating improves safety, saves time and reduces costs by lowering the number of cable and pipe strikes during excavation. Our White Paper: "Reducing Damage to Underground Cables and Pipes" highlights how to use the best tools to focus on improving the safety of your locating teams' performance.