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Hydro Excavating

Mar-Tech Hydro Excavating

Hydro excavating, also known as hydro excavation or hydrovac, is a precise and non-destructive method used for excavation. It combines high-pressure water and a vacuum system to remove soil and debris safely. This versatile technique is an excellent alternative to traditional excavation methods, suitable for trenching, potholing, and utility locating.

With a dedicated two-person crew, hydro excavating can be carried out simultaneously with other tasks. This efficient use of resources saves time and enhances productivity. Additionally, the self-contained nature of hydro excavation equipment allows for easy mobility and operation in various locations, whether urban or remote.

Hydro excavating can be performed in advance, with the excavated area securely covered overnight. This proactive approach streamlines project workflows and ensures site safety. The method finds applications in construction, utility services, landscaping, and environmental management, particularly in tasks involving underground utilities.

Overall, hydro excavating offers unmatched precision, safety, and efficiency. It minimizes damage to existing infrastructure and optimizes project timelines. By choosing hydro excavation, companies like Mar-Tech benefit from accurate digging, enhanced worker safety, and streamlined construction processes."