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Mar-Tech Cleaning Services

Mar-Tech offers a variety of cleaning services that is guarenteed to improve the quality of any cityscape.


An ongoing program of pipe and catch basin cleaning is paramount to a healthy sewer system. Mar-Tech has several trucks with the capability to clean sewers mains of all sizes. During times of heavy traffic, the trucks set up on side streets and then clean the arterial routes between 9:00am and 3:00pm, accompanied by traffic control technicians specifically trained by Mar-Tech. Each truck has 1,500 liters or more of fresh water on board and can flush approximately 1,000 meters of pipe per day. Depending on the size of the sewer main, the nozzles can be changed for optimal cleaning. The nozzles have the ability to shoot water directly ahead to clear debris. Once the nozzle and hose have reached the upstream manhole, they are pulled back to allow the water jets to force the water downstream for optimum cleaning.

Mainline Cleaning

Proper maintenance of underground water collection systems is critical for the preservation of public health and saftey, as well as for protection of capital investments in these facilities. Routine maintenance and cleaning is an integral part of maintaining these systems, as it prevents the accumulation of debris and other obstructive materials from reducing flow in lines. Build ups can cause surcharges, overflows, and other such problems. Some typical problems that can often be remedied with cleaning and/or cutting are: Roots infiltrating into sewer Obstructive meterial blockages Intruding lateral connections Grease build-ups Accumulation of solid debris Reduction in flow capacity due to above obstructions

Root Cutting/Grease Removal

For root and grease removal in 150mm to 600mm pipelines, Mar-Tech typically uses a circular saw style cutter that propels using pressurized water, while rotating its blade at high speeds. This cutter has the capacity to efficiently remove various types of root(fine, mass, and larger tap roots), as well as clear heavy grease deposits and other obstructions commonly found in water collection systems without causing damage to the pipe itself.

Lateral Flushing Truck

Lateral Flushing

No IC’s needed! Utilization of the cleaner and video inspection equipment in tandem allow for operation of the lateral cleaner, a versatile device capable of directing the high-pressure flusher hose up a lateral connection from the mainline and remove debris from the service up to 50 feet up!

Intruding lateral connections

Sometimes when laterals are added to an existent main, the service line actually intrudes into the main. This can cause various problems, including: reduction in flow capacity build-up of obstructive material blockage of cleaning/inspection equipment In order to overcome these problems, Mar-Tech utilizes the “LumberJack” cutter from Flowtek to remove intruding lateral connection material and other common obstructions found in water collection systems. The cutter is a dedicated exchangeable sled type system that is capable of rotating by the water pressure supplied by a common sewer cleaning jetter truck. The cutter cleans the inside perimeter of the sewer pipe utilizing a chain link that is filled with barium. The cutter also has the feature of a removable cutting blade for severe blockages. Model number LJ200C has a permanent drive axle to accommodate a towing ring. Capabilities: The cutter has the capability to adequately remove roots and other obstructions commonly found in municipal sewer pipe. The cutter has the capability to freely rotate at variable speeds with flow rates from 10 to 80 gallons per minute and pressures form 50 to 10,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Mar-Tech has the capability to remove intruding connections in pipes from 6″ (150mm) up to 24″ (600mm) in diameter.