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CCTV Inspection

Out of sight, out of mind isn't the idea that something is unimportant and can be forgotten or dismissed because it isnít in our direct view. This is sometimes the mindset of people when it comes to buried underground utilities such as sanitary and drainage pipelines. Unfortunately, all sewers have a lifespan and many are well past their design life. Sewers are prone to a wide number of structural, constructional and operational problems including open and displaced joints, infiltration (the inflow of groundwater into the sewers), exfiltration (the outflow of sewage into the ground), cracking, fracturing, deformation, root intrusion, deposition of solids such as silt or gravel, accumulation of grease, collapse and more.
With these important utilities buried right under our feet and conveyance of our waste water to treatment facilities or discharge points, critical to maintenance of our health and road infrastructure, it is vital that these underground pipes not sit forgotten. Potential failures can often be prevented by identifying deficiencies with video inspection, and doing so early on allows owners to take steps to ensure further deterioration does not occur, and does not lead to sinkholes, blockages, collapses, sewer overflows and other preventable, expensive and dangerous failures.

We are supported and our methods are proven. Our NASSCO-certified CCTV technicians are formally trained in manhole, lateral and pipeline inspection standards and are supported by a management staff with over 70 years in the trenchless and underground industry. We utilize a range of inspection equipment and offer unparalleled imaging technology to recognize and to properly identify sewer conditions before they become failures.

Our partnerships with municipal, engineering and other contracting firms have over the years allowed us to build up a sizeable resume of successful projects. We can provide references for our past projects, as they relate to your specific needs so that you have the peace of mind that the work will be done right.

We make diagnosis easy. You shouldn't need specialized training to understand the basic principles of CCTV survey information. The materials we provide our clients is meant to be easy to read, easy to reference and easy to understand. Our number one goal is to provide you with the information you need to accurately identify and categorize the severity of the deficiencies in your system, including pinpointing the specific locations and depths of these defects, as well as consultation on possible means of repair.

Our CCTV inspections are quality tested and quality assured and provided in both hard-copy and digital formats suited to our clients specific needs.

Mainline Inspection

Lateral Inspection
Laser Profiling

The laser profiler is used in conjunction with our CCTV inspection system to project a ring of laser light on the interior of a pipeline. Analysis of the projected ring of light allows for measurement of defects, pipe size, lateral diameters, water levels, and other features, as well as automatic and precise analysis and pipe ovality and capacity up to 30 times per second.

Deflection Testing

When sewer pipelines are installed it is critical to confirm that the proper installation and field construction techniques were used. Flexible pipes such as HDPE, PVC, and polyethylene will deflect when placed under a load, but there is a limit to how much defLection is allowable. One of the ways to test if deflection is within allowable limits is to use a mandrel or deflection gauge. The mandrel is dragged through the pipeline to verify that the inner diameter has not been deflected beyond acceptable limits. A nine-point mandrel is typically specified for deflection testing. These mandrels can be collapsed to fit down into a manhole, and they are available in many diameters.

Manhole Inspections

PACP Scoring
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