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Mainline Cleaning

Proper maintenance of underground water collection systems is critical for the preservation of public health and saftey, as well as for protection of capital investments in these facilities.
Routine maintenance and cleaning is an integral part of maintaining these systems, as it prevents the accumulation of debris and other obstructive materials from reducing flow in lines. Build ups can cause surcharges, overflows, and other such problems.
Some typical problems that can often be remedied with cleaning and/or cutting are:

Root Cutting/Grease Removal

For root and grease removal in 150mm to 600mm pipelines, Mar-Tech typically uses a circular saw style cutter that propels using pressurized water, while rotating its blade at high speeds. This cutter has the capacity to efficiently remove various types of root(fine, mass, and larger tap roots), as well as clear heavy grease deposits and other obstructions commonly found in water collection systems without causing damage to the pipe itself.


Lateral Flushing

No IC's needed! Utilization of the cleaner and video inspection equipment in tandem allow for operation of the lateral cleaner, a versatile device capable of directing the high-pressure flusher hose up a lateral connection from the mainline and remove debris from the service up to 50 feet up!

Catch-basin Cleaning