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Our Company


Mar-Tech Underground Services Ltd. was officially incorporated on June 4, 1998 in the City of Langley, B.C. by Bob Kennedy and Bob Taylor. Since the company was formed, Mar-Tech has grown from one CCTV Inspection unit to a fleet of over 40 vehicles and a team of more than 50 experienced staff. Mar-Tech specializes in providing trenchless (no-dig) pipeline rehabilitation procedures for infrastructure repairs in underground utilities. Our services include: traffic control, video inspection, chemical grouting, internal point repairs, full-length relining, smoke testing, cleaning, manhole coating, grease and root control etc. We are dedicated to completing work efficiently, with minimal interruption to the public. Plus providing high engineering standards to our clients, (municipalities, contractors, engineering firms and residential clients) ensuring they get quality results for their investment. With our focus on quality trenchless rehabilitation work done right, Mar-Tech is considered one of the top "one-call" companies in the industry. As a result of our dedication to the advancement of the pipeline service industry we have developed a wide arsenal of pipeline inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation techniques and as technology continues to improve, rest assured that Mar-Tech will continue to lead the way with innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions.

Company History

Mar-Tech Enterprises Ltd. was incorporated in October of 1971 by Bob Innis. The name "Mar-Tech" is an abbreviation of Marine Technologies, which was the focus of the company in the early seventies.
Mar-Tech Enterprises Ltd. started humbly with one Dodge Van and video inspection unit and as it grew, the focus of the company shifted from underwater to underground pipeline service.
In the late eighties Mar-Tech Enterprises Ltd. was purchased in its entirety by Instituform, who eventually decided to eliminate the video inspection side of the business. This sparked long time Mar-Tech employees, Bob Kennedy and Bob Taylor to form a new company starting with one CCTV video inspection unit.